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The new sprites look really good!

That being said, here are a few sprites that i think need improving:

:dialga-origin: :palkia-origin:(as well as a few of the paradox pokemon) I understand that it is easier to edit the existing sprite but this causes some slight weirdness with the dimensions and misses a few details, very nitpicky and not a top priority but it would be nice if they got revisited

:glimmora::clodsire:- Both these sprites are a bit tiny; the glimmora artwork is fine but clodsire zoomed in still looks a mon you'd expect from LC. Something more closely resembling its gen 9 party sprite would look more appropriate to its evo status and weight. E.g:wailord:
:great-tusk: this is mostly a question about how coloring works, is it supposed to be slightly off-palette to replicate the often bad coloring of the [insert gen I'm refering to but don't remember (was it gen 6 and 7 or only the 2d games?)] and if so why do all the sprites vary in color accuracy so much?

:chien-pao: The head needs a revamp, changing its pose to something more like the official artwork or its in-game idle animation might help get the angle right

:walking wake: it looks weird without a visible mouth and it looks like it's been squished horizontally

:arboliva: looks unfittingly overgrown and jagged(?), this and walking wake also look squished, is this because of the sprite size limit or something else?

:rabsca: The front of the ball does not look like its angled in the same direction as rabsca's body

:pawmo: It's not standing up (you really don’t have to do this one)

:annihilape: the eyes don’t look like eyes, they just look like red puddles

:dudunsparce-three-segment: three segment dudunsparce sprite when

Disclaimer: most of these are very minor nitpicks and not major issues, i looked through the entire list of pokemon in S/V and this is all i found, you are all doing an amazing job with this project and I'm really sorry for potentially wasting your time :quagchamppogsire:

(I'm currently using a computer with a very pixelated screen so some of these issues might not even exist)
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